Emily Shen

Emily Shen



I. Duties:

1. Responsible for managing, following up and executing the project according to the internal and external requirements of the company, completing the QA, factory review and field test of inverter project as request within the specified time.
2. Communicate with account manager in a timely and effective manner, including but not limited to answering technical questions, providing professional advice, etc.
3. Self-study for new standards and knowledge, and share experience, standards and technical information with colleagues.
4. Complete other tasks assigned by department leader.

II. Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics, electrical automation, power electronics, etc.
2. At least 5 years working experience in PV inverter production and testing or 2 years’ experience in inverter R&D. Working experience in inverter factory is a must.                                   

3. Familiar with DC/DC, DC/AC power conversion basic principle, topology structure; Analog circuit fundamentals, digital circuit fundamentals.
4. Proficient in inverter component testing and inspection.
5. Proficient in inverter product manufacture process, test process, test method and relevant test standards and specifications, familiar with EMC/EMI, safety and other knowledge.
6. Familiar with ISO, 6S and 8D, etc.
7. Familiar with PV system design, new energy generation acceptance testing standards, can independently complete the inverter field test.                                                                                                                                                  8. Having some Knowledge of modules, trackers, transformers, converters, switchgear, familiar with photovoltaic industry is preferred
9. Able to understand SOW and complete tasks, independently working and manage project with pressure.
10. Good at English reading, writing, listening and speaking Good communication and interpersonal skills.
11. Good computer skills, can write report independently
12. In good health, able to travel frequently.



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