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PESTECH International Berhad (PESTECH) (Company No.: 948035-U) is a Malaysian integrated electrical power technology group of companies listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia (stock code: PESTECH 5219) since 2012.
The company derived its name from “Power System Technology” and involves in four major business segments:-
- Power Transmission Infrastructure and Products
- Power Generation and Rail Electrification
- Transmission Asset Building and Operation
- Embedded System Software and Product Development
PESTECH Engineering Technology (China) Co., Ltd., as its wholly owned subsidiary, involves in engineering, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of electrical power facilities with high commitment to deliver the best to PESTECH clients.
The company continues to implement high quality standards in the day-to-day operations, where the importance of traceability, consistency and reliability are emphasized throughout the entire organization.
PESTECH continues to focus on expanding its market share to emerging and developing countries with high demand of electrical power facilities. With the strong uphold of the Company’s vision to be ”Consistently Dependable and Value Added ”, PESTECH is confident that we will continue to be the system solution provider of choice.
PESTECH 国际集团公司(Company No.: 948035-U)是一家在马来西亚主要从事电力技术,于2012年上市集团公司公司 (证券代码: PESTECH 5219)。
公司的名字来源于英文“Power System Technology” ,主要从事四个方面的业务:
- 输变电系统和产品。
- 发电设备和轨道电气系统
- 输电系统的建设和运营
- 嵌入式系统和软件开发   
湃思科工程技术(中国)有限公司(PESTECH Engineering Technology (China) Co., Ltd., ) 专注于为客户提供高品质的电力工程设计、管理、安装、试运行服务。



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